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Fictional character biography. Despite being the granddaughter of Barry Allen (the Flash) and the daughter of Dawn Allen (one of the Tornado Twins), Jenni Ognats did not at first display any signs of super-speed Eve Teschmacher is a member of a shadow organization known as Leviathan and formerly the loyal henchwoman of Lex Luthor, to whom she is madly in love. She has secretly worked for Lex as a double agent posing first as the personal assistant of Cat Grant and James Olsen at CatCo Worldwide Media..

Google - Ingrid Goes West Review: Single White Female for the Instagram Obsessed. Google We came across a cool web-site which you may well appreciate. Take a appear when you want The Season 4 finale of Supergirl sees Lex Luthor enact his master plan with only the Girl of Steel able to stop the unrepentant villain, with the episode bearing a familiar title to longtime Superman fans The Bad Astronomy blog is all about real-world science — it covers the entire Universe, from subatomic particles to the Big Bang itself. Astronomy, space exploration, the effec Biographie fictive. Barry Allen devient orphelin à l'âge de 10 ans après que son père, le docteur Henry Allen, a été accusé du meurtre de son épouse Nora, en réalité assassinée par Reverse Flash, un voyageur temporel vouant une haine farouche à Flash Biographie fictive. Leonard Snart a grandi dans la banlieue de Central City où lui et sa sœur Lisa étaient soumis aux mauvais traitements de leur père, ancien flic devenu alcoolique

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